Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fun after the Christmas Program

Anna and Rachel "posing".

Sara, Anna and Rachel

Anna really wanted to take a picture in front of the cafeteria snowman.

Christmas program and fun

Not a great picture of Sara...but it is her. We were too far away sitting in bleachers to get a good one.

The singing group is composed of 4th and 5th graders. They sang Jingle Bell Rock, Joy to the World with sign language, Special Season of the Year. Aletta would like to participate in the choir next year.

Aletta, Leah and Rachel waiting for the program to begin.

Monika and Anna awaiting the event. Anna and Aletta had seen the same program during the day, when it was performed for the whole school. They didn't seem to mind seeing it again. The highlight was seeing the 2nd graders perform "Twas the Night Before Christmas" with a 2nd grade student dressed as Santa. He even tried to walk "old".

We missed Sara...

Sara is doing her most favorite thing. It's especially good for Sunday mornings.

What we do on Sunday morning...

Rachel caught "vegging out".

We think that it is church work Nathan is doing. The bishopric uses a lot technology to run the ward.

Monika is trying to study her Valiant 10,11 lesson.

Leah putting together the Christmas Puppy puzzle.

Aletta and Anna decide that making a fort is the best thing to do. It was made out of chairs, a vacuum, and even had a lamp in it.


Anna thinks klompens look great as ears.

Here are the "klompen ears" sticking out.

Monika holding the wonderful gift that Nathan gave her.

Anna trying them on for size.

Enjoying the Chocolate Letters!

Sara just loves the "S".

Look, Papa, no hands!

Rachel just couldn't open her mouth wide enough.

Leah just wanted to lick it. Soon after, she was the first one to eat her whole letter.

The girls like to be goofy, especially when eating chocolate.

St. Nicholas Reader's Theater with Scenery

Orginal reader's theater written by Leah. We had invited over two other families from church: the Hawks and Isoms.

Monika is playing daughter to Ally Isom, while Anna looks on.

Two of the scenery pieces...a canal and a windmill.
Hawk family and Rachel holding them up.

Anna and Sara helping Zeph Isom with scenery. Anna traced the water lines and she did a goood job.

Rachel intensely coloring in the windmill.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween costumes and birthday cake!!!

Scary, Nathan turned 38 years old. Monika's attempt at decorating a cake...the frosting was too soft.

Aletta and Anna all tired out from the church party and trick or treating. Anna wears a patch for an hour a day to help with lazy eye, but she didn't get in that time on Halloween.

Rachel's idea of a ballerina. It tooks 10 yards of netting and numerous knots to make the tutu.

Ballerina Rachel plays the piano. Still remembers some of he piano lessons from MN.

Sara's in 50's costume. The skirt was created with help from Nathan, Sara and Monika.

Aletta fixing Anna's costume so it's just right.

Anna's scary princess face.

Popstar Aletta.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Painting the Den 2

We did finally get down to really painting.

And yes, we finally did cover up the signatures and pictures....though Anna wasn't happy about it!

Painting The Den

Somewhere Leah and Anna didn't get the idea of what I meant by "helping me paint."

But Anna does a great job writing her name, and painting pictures on the wall!

We had to help her spell her middle name.

Garden the keeps going, and going....

Our garden has be very productive this year! Watermelons, zucchini, cucumbers, relish. Its October, and we're still getting watermelon, green beans, and green peppers!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall full of first days of school, garden vegetables, birthdays, baptism, soccer and new glasses.

Sorry, it's not in order and I can't seem to find pictures of Leah.

Nathan showing off one of our garden watermelons.

Anna showing off her new glasses, and beautiful dimples!

New paint in our living room. We painted all the bathrooms blue and hope to paint the den/computer room soon.

Rachel in her school soccer uniform. Sadly, the season is over!

Nathan and Aletta just before baptism on her birthday. Aletta was embarrased about having to wear a jumpsuit instead of a dress. She thought people would laugh at her. She was happy afterward.

Anna showing off her picture, the real birthday cake. Notice that it is tiered; someday it may come true.

Rachel being serious, an uncommon event.

Anna is happy about having birthday cake. We had forgotten to buy more candles...3 on it, but she wasn't bothered by it. My baby turned 5.

First day of school as a kindergartener for Anna. She rides the bus with older sisters.