Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Leah & Rachel in a Choir Concert

Leah and Rachel had a choir concert this evening at the Middle School.
Leah is in the 8th grade choir, Rachel is in the 6th grade choir.
They both sounded beautiful.

Basketball Tryouts

Rachel had basketball tryouts today. They were to identify who would be returning to the team for next year's basketball team. The group that makes the team will play on a tournament team during the month of June.

She had to do some dribbling drills while wearing special glasses that make it so she can't see the ball while dribbling. Essentially blinders. Helps to improve dribbling with your head up.

Rachel is expected to make the team. She will also be trying out for soccer...likely in mid or late June.

Sara & Aletta win Awards

Sara and Aletta received awards today. Like last year, they both received "Outstanding Student" awards for thier elementary school classes. The award is only given to 1 student in each class.

Monika went to the celebration, and took pictures.

And Anna was just looking beautiful as usual.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Soccer Star!

Aletta played an aggressive and fun game of soccer tonight. She scored 2 goals.

Aletta's U-6 soccer team plays 4 v 4 soccer, and is made up of boys and girls. Surprisingly, Aletta isn't afraid to charge in there, steal the ball away from the boys, and take it down the field. She is very little (about 8 inches shorter than her tallest opponent), but is very fast.

Its the only game I've been able to watch due to conflicts between Rachel's games and Aletta's on Saturday mornings.

Note the toothless grin of the happy girl!

These pictures are of Aletta posing after the game was over.

Leah the Broadway Singer!

Leah had a great opportunity to sing at her Middle School's "Coffee House" event. She had been working with Ms. Jackson, her choir teacher and private voice lesson teacher, on a song from Les Miserables to sing.

Leah did a wonderful job of singing "On My Own" sung by the character Eponine from that musical.

This picture is of her waiting with one of her friends before her opportunity to sing.

Coffee House Hams

At a recent "Coffee House", a Middle School singing and poetry event, Aletta and Anna took the opportunity to ham it up a little.