Tuesday, November 11, 2008

General Family News

Some good and bad news to report...

...soccer is over...

...basketball is starting...

...Leah is trying out for the shool musical..."Chicago"...

And if you recall that Monika announced her pregnancy here on the blog, we are sad to report that she had complications and miscarried at the end of October. Halloween was a horror story for more than one reason!


Monika did a great job making Halloween costumes for the girls...

A biker fairy

Avast! Its Captain Sara the terror of the high seas!

Could Anna "bee" any more cute?

Nathan & Monika also dressed as bees... Nathan was more "bumble" than "honey." Sorry no pictures of the bigger bees.

Are real bee's stripes made of duct tape?

Aletta is the cat's meow!

Celebration! at CEC!

True to her word, Monika took the family to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Anna's potty training!!!!

Way to go Anna!

Everyone else got to enjoy the pizza too.

Not exactly a pizza mustache...but close.

Leah thinks that Pizza is the perfect food. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Does pizza grow on the tree of life?

Walden's Farm

A few weeks prior to Halloween, the family took a trip to Walden Farms. A u-pick pumpkin patch. Corn mazes. Hay rides. Petting zoo. And countless hours of farm fun.

Oh, and a giant pumpkin for picture taking.

Nathan Turns 37!

Wow! He's sooooo old!!!

Thankfully he still has enough lung power to blow out all the candles! Rather than risk a house fire, Monika just spelled out "37" rather than putting 37 candles on the cake.

Nathan insisted on the family singing "Happy Birthday" in multiple versions, including "opera style." So there was a little melted wax.

Thank you Betty Crocker!