Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Excuse for lateness and few pictures.

I had tried to download the pictures a couple of weeks ago, but it wouldn't seem to do it. Then Leah, being more resourceful and after not being able to either, told me check the batteries. The camera batteries were dead, so we charged them. So that's why the update is late.

Changed the tire

Anna was a spectator in the tire changing...I told her to get shoes and she grabbed some size 10 rubber clogs.

One Friday morning, Nathan discovered that his left rear tire was flat. I drove him to work that day and spent time trying to find out the price of tires. The next morning, Nathan gave Leah and Monika a lesson on changing a flat. We had found a place with good prices. Thankfully, we were able to get by with a patch.


Aletta and Anna searching for eggs. Notice that we cut Anna's hair again.

Leah didn't want anyone to know that she still enjoys easter egg hunts.

Eggs creations the girls made.

More egg creations by the girls.

Missing tooth

Anna lost her first tooth over Spring Break...last week of March. She worries if she can eat right with out it. Today's dentist appointment revealed she has more on the bottom that are loose.

Anna again, but this time with her tooth in a baggie ready for the Tooth Fairy. Sara lost a molar soon after Anna lost her tooth. Nathan came up with a song to sing just before the girls put their teeth under their pillows. Ask him about it sometime.