Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sara and Clarinet

This fall Sara has started to play the clarinet. However, with the move she found herself far behind her new classmates. She began to practice for at least an hour every single day and caught up. Her teacher even remarked that "if everyone practiced as much as Sara then we would be having 'fun friday' every other day!" She has since caught up and is learning to play very well.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Anna's Birthday

As soon as we returned from our trip to Cincinnati it was Anna's 6th Birthday. We went to chuck e. cheese's to celebrate.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Trip to Cincinnati

After we found out we would be moving to Ohio, the whole family took a trip to see the interesting things to do. We went house hunting as well as to the Cincinnati Zoo and King's Island, a theme park not too far from our house.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Leah's Birthday Cake

For Leah's Birthday Cake she called upon a lady in the ward who used to make cakes professionally. They worked together for an entire afternoon to build a beautiful cake. However when they arrived home, the cake had slid in the trunk and been ruined. She was able to return the next morning (the day of the party) and rebuild it the best she could. It turned out great! The top layer was completely strawberry, the second completely vanilla, and the third completely chocolate.

Leah's Sixteenth Birthday

On July 3rd, 2010 Leah turned 16. However, she didn't celebrate it until the 16th. She had about 20-30 people at her party.

Her father also attempted to pogo stick in the garage.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Seven Days in Tennessee Moves!!

After a job transfer with General Mills, the 7 Days in Tennessee became the 7 Days in Ohio.

Hope it doesn't cause any confusion.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Camping in Kentucky

While Leah and Rachel were attending a Regional Youth Conference at Western Kentucky University, the rest of the family went camping.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sara's Spring Choir Concert

This year (Sara's 5th grade year) she was in the elementary school choir called the Brown's Chapel Singers. This was her last concert and we video taped a few of the songs.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Excuse for lateness and few pictures.

I had tried to download the pictures a couple of weeks ago, but it wouldn't seem to do it. Then Leah, being more resourceful and after not being able to either, told me check the batteries. The camera batteries were dead, so we charged them. So that's why the update is late.

Changed the tire

Anna was a spectator in the tire changing...I told her to get shoes and she grabbed some size 10 rubber clogs.

One Friday morning, Nathan discovered that his left rear tire was flat. I drove him to work that day and spent time trying to find out the price of tires. The next morning, Nathan gave Leah and Monika a lesson on changing a flat. We had found a place with good prices. Thankfully, we were able to get by with a patch.


Aletta and Anna searching for eggs. Notice that we cut Anna's hair again.

Leah didn't want anyone to know that she still enjoys easter egg hunts.

Eggs creations the girls made.

More egg creations by the girls.

Missing tooth

Anna lost her first tooth over Spring Break...last week of March. She worries if she can eat right with out it. Today's dentist appointment revealed she has more on the bottom that are loose.

Anna again, but this time with her tooth in a baggie ready for the Tooth Fairy. Sara lost a molar soon after Anna lost her tooth. Nathan came up with a song to sing just before the girls put their teeth under their pillows. Ask him about it sometime.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goof balls of the Day family

We attended a Young Women fundraiser/spaghetti dinner/silent bake auction. They also offered face painting.

Nathan was into it too...with a nicely done octopus.

Rachel decided upon the Harry Potter glasses/scar design.

Anna's playtime

It was a sunny day and we went to the neighborhood park. Anna loves to swing, but she hasn't figured out how to do it herself.

During Anna's patching time (1 hr a day), we encourage her to do close up work like computers, looking at books, drawing or in this case creating a house for her animals/toys. She recycled a yogurt box and another box to make fences, and furniture inside the house. Anna has become quite good at using scissors.

Leah's newly painted room

At this angle, the color is tolerable...she wanted to match her bedding. Just need to get around to purchasing her a bed frame and headboard.

Either too bright, too hot (on south side of the house), or "oh no" wrong color.

Nathan was in charge of the top parts of the wall. Leah did the middle and Monika painted the bottom. The trouble we had was making sure we overlapped enough.

Anna's fun kindergarten day

Anna had a money scramble/ fundraiser at school. Then the money that was collected by the kids was spent at the sweet shop run by the parents. The children had fun buying candy and learning about money at the same time.

On this day, Anna had P.E. She doesn't always like it. They were participating in "Hoops for Hearts". The high school girls' basketball team came and helped out. Anna played at a couple of stations, like hula hoop, over and under relay and dribbling a ball. At home, we couldn't find the basketball, so she practiced with a soccer ball.

Finally, after almost 4 years, the bedrooms are painted!

We took 2 Saturdays to do the painting. Ours and Leah's were done first, then the other two rooms. They were the messiest to get ready. The girls were usually waiting for Mom and Dad to catch up. We painted the master first and then Leah's room, the one shown above. Leah and Rachel had fun putting everything in the middle of the room and taping. Aletta and Ann just wanted to hang out with their older sisters.

Anna and Aletta did help some, but just by adding their creative touches to the walls. Anna loved to make pictures.

Here is Aletta with her fish creation. They ended up making a whole school of fish on that wall.

Friday, February 5, 2010

More snow fun!

We scraped off Nathan's car and "came " upon this nice chunk of ice. The night before it alternated between snow and ice. There was about an inch of ice on the car.

Aletta enjoyed the snow, but would get cold quickly and was always the first to ask for hot chocolate.

Nathan had to take of picture of Monika after sliding down the driveway. Rachel followed close behind.

Leah and Anna are ready to take off. We see smiles!

Rachel going down the "slope" again.

Snow Day indoor activities: Facials and nails

We made homemade facials and even Monika did too. All of the recipes used were found on the internet. They happen to be edible also.

Anna didn't want to put stuff on her face, so she had her nails done by Rachel. She did stir all 3 of the facials together in the end and even wanted to keep it in the fridge. Fyi, there are probably 30 different nail polish colors in the house.

Of course, Leah chose the facial mask that had chocolate in it. Rachel chose the one with oatmeal and honey in it.

Monika helped Aletta spread her banana based facial.

Sara decided on the chocolate facial as well.