Sunday, April 20, 2008


Rachel's stuffed dog collection came out of hiding. Of course, Anna and Aletta couldn't resist claiming some as theirs. Rachel's once clean room is now filled with 50 dogs or more.

The Family Teenager

Here is a glimpse into the life of the family's teenager....
Despite repeated requests to clean...
Leah spends most of her time, reading, playing the piano...
...and did I mention she likes texting? Unfortunately...or is it fortunately?...her favorite texting contact lost his cell phone privileges. Due to texting a certain young lady too much.

Pony Rides at Cannonsburgh

While Sara isn't smiling, she did have a good time. Aletta thought it was fun and couldn't believe that she was able to ride a pony. Sara rode on Philly and Aletta rode on Gambler. Anna wanted to ride, but we decided against it. There is always next year!
If you are wondering why Leah & Rachel aren't in any of the Cannonsburgh photos....they were off cheering on the Church's Young Men in the Stake Dodgeball tournament. In the final 1-ball "free-for-all" game, Rachel won....I don't quite understand how one of the Young Women wins a Young Mens dodgeball game, but....she's going to gain quite the reputation across the Stake.

Visit to Cannonsburgh Pioneer Village

Our family visited the Cannonsburgh Pioneer Village. It was a free event and people were reenacting and dressed up in time period costumes. Nathan and Sara enjoyed watching a "shoot out at the saloon". Aletta and Anna were bothered by the gunshots, so I moved on with them. The buildings we visited included a working mill, one room school house, school housing, phone operator building, doctor's office and general store, civil war encampment, blacksmith shop and church. Throughout the village, there was storytelling and a few music booths. We enjoyed seeing how life was back then. We sure have been blessed with so many inventions now.

Update on Nathan's Elbow

Nathan had surgery on Monday! It was done at an outpatient surgery center. While it was supposed to be arthroscopic, true to form, Nathan required the real thing!! We were at the surgery center for about 7 hours. Most of it was waiting for Nathan to wake up from his general anesthesia...he was a little slow. Also was a little nauseous.

Check out the great hardware on his arm! Nathan's looking forward to 3 to 6 months of physical therapy!!

All for the joy of a little rollerskating!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Way too busy

We've had a lot going on, but failed to update the blog for a month.

Leah received a "Superior" rating for her solo singing of "Crucifixion" at her "Solo & Ensemble" competition. Last year's solo garnered an "excellent." Leah was very excited to receive an improved rating vs. last year.

Rachel, Sara, and Aletta have started soccer. Nathan is crazy enough to attempt to coach Rachel & Sara's teams. (3 hours of coaching per week, not including games).

Anna refuses to be potty trained

Nathan got the bright idea to go rollerskating with the youth at Church, despite never having rollerskated before. Broke several bones in his elbow, and partially tore a ligament as well (he fell down). Probably facing surgery. But there is always next year's Stake Skate!

A few new pictures below...

Showing off the Prize

Aletta had a great time collecting she is showing off her prize catch!

Easter Egg Hunt!!

A little late to put these pictures on the blog, but we took the girls to an Easter Egg Hunt at the Church.

Here's Rachel...I can't tell if she's listening for a baby chick, or just trying to get up close and personal with some chocolate...

Old Snowstorm Picture

As an addition to the snowstorm pictures from a month ago, here's one of Rachel...showing a little Cougar Pride in the snow.