Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Good Friday Tornado

Prior to all the Easter activities, we experienced the "Good Friday Tornado," seen hear after crossing Broad Street in Murfreesboro.

Thankfully no damage to our home, but many in town were not so lucky.

More Egg Hunting

Everyone got in on the Easter Egg Hunting.

Rachel & Sara had quite a haul.

The Hunt!

Despite plenty of experience with Easter, Anna was a little timid in her Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.

Eventually she warmed up to the whole idea, and loaded her "Peep" shaped easter basket.

True to form, there was a "Papa Tax" on all Easter Candy.

Payable only in candy. Preferably non-chocolate.

Easter Eggs!

I'm not sure what the reference to "Papaya" is on the Easter egg...

...but the girls are a little unusual anyway. The egg in question was Sara's.

The girls had a great time on Saturday coloring Easter eggs.

Anna Gets a Haircut

Anna had hair halfway down her back.

But now she just has cute hair. A bob?

The shirt says it all: "This is what cute looks like."