Friday, February 5, 2010

More snow fun!

We scraped off Nathan's car and "came " upon this nice chunk of ice. The night before it alternated between snow and ice. There was about an inch of ice on the car.

Aletta enjoyed the snow, but would get cold quickly and was always the first to ask for hot chocolate.

Nathan had to take of picture of Monika after sliding down the driveway. Rachel followed close behind.

Leah and Anna are ready to take off. We see smiles!

Rachel going down the "slope" again.

Snow Day indoor activities: Facials and nails

We made homemade facials and even Monika did too. All of the recipes used were found on the internet. They happen to be edible also.

Anna didn't want to put stuff on her face, so she had her nails done by Rachel. She did stir all 3 of the facials together in the end and even wanted to keep it in the fridge. Fyi, there are probably 30 different nail polish colors in the house.

Of course, Leah chose the facial mask that had chocolate in it. Rachel chose the one with oatmeal and honey in it.

Monika helped Aletta spread her banana based facial.

Sara decided on the chocolate facial as well.

Snow in Tn...amazing!

Left to right: Rachel, Aletta, Leah and Sara. The snow was good for packing. It is quite a contrast to the cold powdery stuff in MN. After moving here to TN, we gave away many of our outdoor winter clothes. However, we did hold onto gloves/mittens and hats. We went through quite a bit of hot chocolate and marshmallows too.

Our driveway is on a slope, so the girls had to try snowboarding and sledding down it. Left to right: Anna, Aletta and Rachel.

Another picture. Just a funny snow story to relate. The girls went over to a neighbors to play. Their home happens to have a nice slope behind it. Since they didn't have a sled, they used the next best thing...their canoe. All of the girls went "canoeing". They seemed to like it. Anna went down the hill twice with Rachel.

What the girls do in their free time...

Leah with that teenage look.

Anna wearing her dad's work hat.

Rachel had to try on the hat too!

Sara is doing her most favorite thing in her favorite location. She gets mad if someone takes her spot.

Aletta and Anna playing house. Notice the walls. They had found these out of the garage and decided that it would be a good thing to have wooden walls.