Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow in Tn...amazing!

Left to right: Rachel, Aletta, Leah and Sara. The snow was good for packing. It is quite a contrast to the cold powdery stuff in MN. After moving here to TN, we gave away many of our outdoor winter clothes. However, we did hold onto gloves/mittens and hats. We went through quite a bit of hot chocolate and marshmallows too.

Our driveway is on a slope, so the girls had to try snowboarding and sledding down it. Left to right: Anna, Aletta and Rachel.

Another picture. Just a funny snow story to relate. The girls went over to a neighbors to play. Their home happens to have a nice slope behind it. Since they didn't have a sled, they used the next best thing...their canoe. All of the girls went "canoeing". They seemed to like it. Anna went down the hill twice with Rachel.

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