Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall full of first days of school, garden vegetables, birthdays, baptism, soccer and new glasses.

Sorry, it's not in order and I can't seem to find pictures of Leah.

Nathan showing off one of our garden watermelons.

Anna showing off her new glasses, and beautiful dimples!

New paint in our living room. We painted all the bathrooms blue and hope to paint the den/computer room soon.

Rachel in her school soccer uniform. Sadly, the season is over!

Nathan and Aletta just before baptism on her birthday. Aletta was embarrased about having to wear a jumpsuit instead of a dress. She thought people would laugh at her. She was happy afterward.

Anna showing off her picture, the real birthday cake. Notice that it is tiered; someday it may come true.

Rachel being serious, an uncommon event.

Anna is happy about having birthday cake. We had forgotten to buy more candles...3 on it, but she wasn't bothered by it. My baby turned 5.

First day of school as a kindergartener for Anna. She rides the bus with older sisters.

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