Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween costumes and birthday cake!!!

Scary, Nathan turned 38 years old. Monika's attempt at decorating a cake...the frosting was too soft.

Aletta and Anna all tired out from the church party and trick or treating. Anna wears a patch for an hour a day to help with lazy eye, but she didn't get in that time on Halloween.

Rachel's idea of a ballerina. It tooks 10 yards of netting and numerous knots to make the tutu.

Ballerina Rachel plays the piano. Still remembers some of he piano lessons from MN.

Sara's in 50's costume. The skirt was created with help from Nathan, Sara and Monika.

Aletta fixing Anna's costume so it's just right.

Anna's scary princess face.

Popstar Aletta.

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