Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sisters at Aletta's Birthday Party

Rachel enjoyed Aletta's birthday party, but was already wearing her Middle School soccer uniform. She was anxiously awaiting her team's first County Tournament game.

Despite her father's repeated teasing that her team is the "Flaming Pumpkins," they are really the just the "Flames." Plenty of extended family are Kennewick High School alumnus, so should appreciate the colors.

Rachel's team went on to lose their game 5-0, despite Rachel's outstanding varsity play (her first start!). She did her best defensively to help her team win, including knocking one CMS player out of the game. Despite her sweet, bubbly exterior, Rachel is really a brute.

Anna spent her sister's birthday party in the playground house at the soccer park. She had a wonderful time.

Sara, also wearing the day's soccer uniform, enjoyed some downtime on the slide at Aletta's party. Sara spent half her morning's game being an all-star goalkeeper. She allowed one goal in her teams' loss, but made many great saves.


The Greens said...

Looks like a happy family! We miss you guys.

Don said...

OK so I don't know who this other guy in the ward is, but I GUARANTEE Don is cuter! "If you only knew his gererous nature." (if you can guess the movie that came from, you win a free "Hello!" text from me) It's okay though, she can hide her real "like" behind some other guy. We will allow it. Hee hee. Good to read about you guys. The Sharps miss you too. --Don Sr.